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Custom Jobs
Custom Jobs


Does code school tuition include hosting on your dedicated server?

Yes, all students have access to the dedicated server for 1 year. Unlimited storage in the root and up to 2000 tables in mysql.

I have spent a fortune already in marketing campaigns why should I pay top dollar for another website?

Because we would do the job right the first time around.

Do you have maintenance packages?

Yes, we can monitor your site once a month to ensure everything is running smoothly for $250 per month. Additional hourly fees may apply if issue needs to be addressed.

I want my site right away. Is there something I can do to expedite the lead time?

Yes,, Inc. can work exclusively for a certain amount per year. 33% deposit up front is required to work exclusively for 1 year. We can also expedite your site for an additional $10 per hour. However, lead times are usually 30-90 days on average at the normal rate for most jobs.

What are your terms?

15 minute free consultation, $250 deposit, rate $55 per hour, terms net10.

Do you build Android Auto apps?


What is the difference between a native app and a web app?

A web app is a glamorized version of a website. A web app is a website that has been optimized for mobile. Web apps have evolved to provide native features which eliminates the purpose of downloading anything. Nickspages offers both web and native apps.

Should I do my site in WordPress or Drupal?

We can build the same site with the same features in both WordPress or Drupal. It depends what you prefer in general.

What is the difference between and is the open source version of the content management system. With .org, you have complete control of your site and actually own it yourself. on the other hand is a proprietary service that charges for every small feature that you would get for free if you did it yourself from .org. You do not own your site with .com and do not have have full access to your site's source files or database. Best practices are with .org so that you can have full control.

Can you clone a site?

Yes, we can clone any site in regards to functionality and looks. We can also make the clone better and meet all new specifications you may have.

Do you create themes from scratch?

Yes. It took 10 years of programming themes to be able to code themes from scratch. We now offer classes to show exactly how themes are made from scratch for both WordPress and Drupal which will save you the learning curve.

Your hourly rate is too expensive for us. What else can we do?

You can download some of our exclusive templates here at Nickspages and one of them should fit your needs for $49.

Are you on GSA?

Yes, we are on GSA.

Do you offer SEO?

Yes, we implement standard SEO into all the jobs we create. However, you can hire Nickspages to specialize in helping your site reach maximum SEO exposure. We even invented a product called the Atomic SEO Page Blast (ASPB) that targets 40,000 cities in the United States. The ASPB is proven to significantly increase the hits to your site from users all over the nation.

Do you offer hosting?

Yes, monthly rate is $100 for hosting which includes being on the superior dedicated server that nickspages currently has. The dedicated server specs are the following:

Nickspages Dedicated Standard Web Hosting Performance Specifications

  • 4 CPU cores
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 1 TB Storage (mirrored)
  • 5 TB Network Bandwidth
  • cPanel License
  • CentOS 6

How long have you been doing this?, Inc. has been in business since 2009.

Do you use templates?

No, we do not use templates unless the client specifies they want a template. We prefer to create themes from scratch since those are usually the best for the businesses we work with. However, we do offer templates on Nickspages that we build ourselves that can fit any industry. Get full template access for $49 p/year here at Nickspages.

How long does it take to create a site?

Each job is unique and with its own set of specifications. Usually, jobs range anywhere from 8-300 hours and can take 1-8 months to complete.